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Words of Wisdom
The Female Leadership Podcast 

hosted by Kerstin Plehwe, Bestselling Author and ASTRAIA Co-Founder


Everybody has a story and many of life's stories are great learning journeys everybody can benefit from,, especially when those stories are told by powerful female leaders and role models from all walks of life.

Bestselling author Kerstin Plehwe welcomes Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes, peacemakers, political leaders, artists, corporate trailblazers, and female entrepreneurs from all around the world to speak about their biggest adventures and learnings on their path to success. Learn from the best and build the rest! 

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About the podcast

Over 10 years ago the bestselling author and entrepreneur Kerstin Plehwe wrote a widely published book on female leadership. Its proceeds and network laid the basis for the ASTRAIA foundation, today's VOICE OF WOMEN Foundation. And the story of inspiration and giving continues. All Income from this podcast supports our projects. and if you are interested in becoming a sponsor please get in touch with us anytime.

The Words of Wisdom podcast features female leaders from Olympic athletes to corporate leaders, from famous musicians to fascinating artists and political leaders. Start your journey of powerful inspirations and action-provoking insights into the lives and thoughts of female leaders from around the world by signing up for this free monthly podcast.

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