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Our Projects

The Afghanistan Emergency Educational Fund

Once the new Taliban regime took power in Afghanistan in summer 2021, the opportunities for girls to receive secondary education ended dramatically.  High schools now are only open for boys and young women are robbed the chance of a self-determined life and future by the thousands. Our Afghanistan Education Emergency Fund collects donations to finance a scalable digital solution for Afghan girls to finish their education through an online learning platform. Please support this important project and stand with us in solidarity for these women in despair.


Women-led geranium gardens in South Africa create family incomes

This project enables women to set up their own businesses and to increase their family income by growing indigenous geranium plants and moringa trees,  In a training center in Hoedspruit, South Africa, which was set up with the support of the Voice of Women Foundation women are trained to grow rose-geraniums and moringa trees in their own gardens. Geranium oil is used in medicine and cosmetics with its anti-inflammatory and blood circulation-enhancing ingredients as well as its antiseptic properties. Moringa is well known as a superfood and is processed as a powder by women and sold to local shops. In this project female entrepreneurship and education prove to be a sustainable base for income in times of a global pandemic and beyond.


Womens Health Care in the mountains

Since 2012 ASTRAIA / Voice of Women has supported the women's healthcare outreach programme at Kagando Hospital in Uganda. Led by the female superstar volunteer from the UK, Rita Miller, hundreds of women in the Rwenzori mountains have been empowered and trained in the area of health, hygiene and nutrition. During COVID the project took over much needed nutritional support on top and was thankfully able to support women and their families in order to fight malnutrition.

Our promise: All our projects are carefully crafted and controlled for maximum efficiency and impact. Women directly profit from them.
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