Where we came from

ASTRAIA empowered women

In 2010 the German entrepreneur and author Kerstin Plehwe decided to write a book about women in leadership positions and donate all proceeds to the cause of girls education. That was the beginning of a powerful mission that more and more female leaders from around the world joined, among them Cathy O'Dowd, the first woman to climb Everest,  Jutta Kleinschmidt, the first female winner of the Dakar race and Sigrid Bauschert, a successful German business owner. They formed the ASTRAIA Female Leadership Foundation, named after the Greek Goddess of Justice. 10 years and many succesful projects later it joined forces with Suraya Pakzad and turned into the VOICE OF WOMEN FOUNDATION. 



ASTRAIA has been created by dedicated women and female leaders that decided to take action against existing barriers for women to education, health, and safety. Together with a passionate community of supporters and changemakers, a small but powerful foundation was built and it supported successful projects in 16 countries in the area of gender equality, education, health and security for women and their families. Today the important work continues as VOICE OF WOMEN FOUNDATION.

Stronger together : 
1000 Faces of Hope supports girls education

One of the first projects ASTRAIA initiated was to enable 1000 girls to receive the education they wish for, be it by finishing school, going through vocational training or attending university. From Bangladesh to South Africa, Uganda to South America, Nigeria to Germany, 1000 girls benefitted from those grants. After the first generation of faces was reached, Zonta International vowed to continue that journey and the cause can still be supported today.

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